Monday, March 01, 2010

Recent "Theaisms"

Monday, March 01, 2010 by Dawn B
O.k. cuteness fans, here's a little fix for you.
A few recent examples of "Thea speak:"

Pictured here is one of our breakfast favorites: eggs and "blind bread" toast. "Blind bread" is Thea's term for sourdough bread. We think it's related to the word "blank" as in plain, but we're not quite sure. Perhaps it's just that it has no eyes. . .

One day, Thea had done something . . . well, naughty. I can't even recall what it was now. And I asked her that rhetorical question all parents ask, "why would you do such a thing?!?" She sighed while shaking her head and told me, "Mommy . . .it's confilated."

When things go underwater, especially our toys in the bathtub, they are "flounding." As in, "Oh no, oh no, says Noah, I'm flounding!" It seems so appropriate, I wonder if it isn't perhaps an Old English usage we've dropped.

The Burnetts are often tigers or lions, usually a whole family of them. And we normally prowl about in a very carefree manner, disregarding such things. But one day Thea said: "After I pull my socks up, hear me roar!"

The Spirit of Christmas carries on at our house in many ways. We're still listening to the Disney princesses singing all your favorite Christmas tunes (if it weren't for Grumpy's occasional snide remarks, I don't know how long I could take it). We are also still using our winter dishes, which feature the words from "The 12 days of Christmas." So, from time to time, we still sing the song. Thea's version involves "ten peppers poking."

Unfortunately, as winter drags on, we all have to cope with lots of shovelling and the inevitable paraphernalia of cold and flu season. But here's a new term from Thea. You know that stuff everyone puts on their hands before eating, it's actually called "hanitizer." There--your life just got simpler.

Blessings to all,

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

Monday, February 15, 2010 by Dawn B
Psst . . .
It's me, Althea.
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year.
I'm hiding under here because I heard there might be a dragon around!
The folks and I are at a cool Chinese New Year celebration hosted by our area Chinese Association. There are many, many people here from China, and they all can count to ten in Chinese--just like me!

Turns out there IS a dragon here. But . . . I've learned that dragons in Chinese culture are nothing to be scared of. In most of my princess stories, dragons are scary things that breathe fire and usually like to (gulp) eat princesses.
But in China, dragons are good and powerful. Go fig.
I'm keeping my parasol handy just in case.

The dragon hasn't made any moves to devour anyone all evening. And people have been singing and doing "character charades" and silly little plays right in front of him. Looks like he really is all about just celebrating too.

So Happy New Year to you and yours from the Burnetts. Enjoy the year of the tiger!
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009 by Dawn B
Hi friends,
Althea here with my good buddy, Santa.

Here we are at the Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. You can tell it was an amazingly warm day, because I'm actually NOT wearing mittens in this picture. (Mom's a bit of a nut about the whole "mitten thing.")

Anyway, we had a lovely time getting ready for Christmas. I had a nice visit with Santa, although I had not yet figured out what I wanted for Christmas. Daddy picked up a tree--literally! He's so strong, my Baba!

A few weeks later, I visited with Santa again. He had had time to trim his beard, and I had had time to figure out what I really wanted for Christmas--a princess castle, with knights and horses!

In the intervening weeks, life was so hectic. You know how Advent can get. I had so much to do--relearning Christmas songs, reminding everyone that Christmas is FUN, and also taking the time to make a snow princess. Sing with me now: "There's no princess like snow princess . . ."

But despite my hectic Advent schedule, I still found time to reflect on the heart of Christmas--Jesus' birthday! (You may recognize the little angel hovering just to the right of "Jophis.")

A little meditative time is needed now and then, but my favorite song is still "GO! TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN!" It needs to be sung
LOUDLY, since you're telling people everywhere.

Happy to say, Santa came through. Thanks to him and the building skills of my daddy, it's going to be a wonderful Christmastide!

So . . .
spend some time looking at Baby Jesus, remember that Christmas is fun, and
Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday Flashback

Monday, November 09, 2009 by Dawn B
Well, now that the pics have had a couple of months to mellow, we thought it was about time to share them.
Yes, our little girl has turned four. (How did that happen so fast!?!)

I'm still getting used to four, and she explains to me on a daily basis that soon she will be five. Occasionally, she goes on to say that when she's 16, she will drive the car (yikes!).

As you can see, we celebrated the big day at "Chuck E's" and lived to tell the tale.

Thea and some of her friends danced around with the Big Mouse himself, after playing lots and LOTS of games. Watching all these kiddos sticking tokens in machines, bumping buttons and levers, then gradually collecting tickets set me thinking . . .
Is Chuck E's a training ground for future casino goers?
Has anyone researched the possible correlation between frequent Chuck E visits and later gambling habits?

Given these speculations, I guess I'm glad Thea's favorite rides don't render any tickets. Her absolute favorite being the horse ride. Ride em' Thea!

And then, just in case you're behind on your cute quotient, here's some birthday dancing:
Monday, November 02, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho . .to Trunk or Treat we go!

Monday, November 02, 2009 by Dawn B

Hey everyone!
Well, it was a difficult decision . . . so many Disney princesses to choose from, but I finally decided to be Snow White for Halloween this year.
Once that decision was made, the assignments for Grumpy and Sleepy were simple.

We had some extra fun this year, since our church hosted a Trunk or Treat event. Here we are in front of our "cottage motif" trunk. You can see the castle on the next car--even more princesses!
Mommy said some of you might not know what a "Trunk or Treat" is. About 20 or so cars from our church were parked in a section of our parking lot and decorated. We all dressed in costumes and passed out candy from our trunks from 2-4 on Saturday. There were prizes for the best trunk and best costumes. Lots and lots and lots of kids came by--it was fun to see all their costumes too.

Of course, it was also nice to come home and get ready for the trick or treaters who came to our house. I gave out ALL the candy this year (until I went to bed) even to the kids in really scary costumes. I'm very brave, you know.
Oddly enough, many of the kids thought a 6 -1/2 foot grumpy dwarf was somewhat intimidating. Go fig.
Personally, I get a kick out of the grumpy nose. :-)
Our count for this year was 69 trick or treaters, with the classic skeleton being the most popular option.

This is my first Halloween finding the scary parts kind of fun. Daddy says that's the point. Because of Jesus, we don't need to be afraid really, so we can make fun and play around with spooky things.
Hope you had a really spooky fun Halloween!
Princess Althea
Monday, August 24, 2009

Yes! Michigan!

Monday, August 24, 2009 by Dawn B
Hi everyone!
Thea here.
My, but we do grow up fast, don't we? One minute I'm a toddler, the next minute, I'm a bride.

Actually, the big news here is our recent trip to Michigan. We went in late July/early August for what we call the Annual Grandparents' Tour.

And a good time was had. Hoo boy!

I got to play dress up at Papa & Nana's house, where I was treated like a well . . . you know. Here I am with Nana and Papa and Tootsie the cat.

They also hosted an early birthday party for me.
Here I am with just a few of my "crazy cousins."
We had a giggly, silly, hyper, bossing-each-other-around, good time.

We also visited a farm, where I got to pet a pony, see a rabbit get a haircut, and pose coyly by a barn.

The crazy cousin time continued at Grandma Cyndy's house, where the Play-Doh's always fresh and the mac n' cheese is abundant.
I really loved her collection of little books and the big-enough-to-ride-and-hence-fight-over-with-your-cousins stuffed pink pony.

Our visit with Grandmama Rose included a trip to a park where we could wade in the river.
We also had fun going to church with her. I found their children's worksheets a stimulating foray into the realm of preschool religious education (in other words, I found all the words in the word search).

We also got in a little park time with all of mommy's family. Talk about crazy fun! We went swimming and played on the beach.
Here's a picture of mommy and I going out on a canoe with Thomas and Ethan (two of my older, cool boy cousins).
Michigan appears to be a place where everyone just plays and has fun all the time!

On our way back west, we stopped to visit some of our friends in western Michigan. I became good friends with Mazie the Dog.

I'm glad to say, we also got in some quality beach time. I mostly built sand castles and, of course, a scale model of the Great Wall.

We just happened upon the Blueberry Festival in Grand Haven Michigan, and there I met a REAL princess. Her name is Miss Michigan.
Very cool.

Then, just when I thought the fun was over, we stopped at a rest stop in Minnesota, and there was my buddy Matthew and his family! Matthew's one of my best friends at my school. Nothing like a little sliding with a friend to make your road weariness disappear.

Hope all of you have enjoyed your summer too!
Monday, July 06, 2009

A Wedding and a Visit from Grandma

Monday, July 06, 2009 by Dawn B
Hey all,
Althea here. I suppose you've all been wondering what I've been up to lately.

In addition to taking in some rays pool side, we've been having some exciting adventures the past few weeks.
THE big social event of the year on my calendar was the wedding of my Kia to Tommy. Kia has held MFB status (most favored babysitter) at Chez Burnett for . . .well, most of my life! I'm going to miss her and her crazy fun now that she and Tommy have moved to the far away land of Minneapolis. I'm waiting to see pictures of their castle there. As I explained to my mommy--Kia is the bride and Tommy is her handsome prince.
By the way, I am REALLY into weddings right now. If you happen to appear in my mommy and baba's wedding photos--you're a celebrity in my book!
Despite my fascination, I've decided not to get married until I'm older . . .5 or 6. My daddy thought 6 at least.
We've also been doing a bit of travelling since I saw you last. (This blog proudly brought to you by Travelocity.)

No, seriously, we took Cindi & Mark's gnome with us to the Black Hills for various photos ops. Cute little guy, isn't he?
Of course, while we were there, we had to visit Mart Mushmore . . .I mean . . .oh, you know, the faces on the mountain. Mommy says I look quite presidential in this shot. Then she shuddered. Silly mommy!

We went to the Black Hills with my Grandma Cyndy. (She's my grandma!) I'm a little bit concerned in the picture at right because the gnome is taking this one. Should we really be entrusting our camera to this guy?

One of the best parts of our Black Hills trip was riding the 1880's train. Very cool.

Once you're on and the train is moving though, they explain that it actually recreates a train ride more from the 1890's. What's the deal with that!?!

Despite their historical sleight of hand, it was a very fun trip. I got to hold the tickets.

We spent only a few days out there--just long enough to celebrate mommy and grandma's birthday. They share a birthday. Weird eh? They seem o.k. with it, but I'm glad my birthday is all mine!

We got back home and took grandma out to see the falls. Seems last time she was in town, the folks forgot to take her to see them. She thought the town was called Sioux Falls just as one of those fanciful whims--sort of like the 1880's train. Well, she knows better now.

So toodaloo for now from all of us here in lovely Sioux Falls.
Hope you're all having fun summer advntures too!
Don't forget to be silly sometimes.